Stress Management Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, ideas and challenges with an objective and facilitative coach in a safe and empowering space.


What Can Stress Management Coaching Help With?

Through collaboration and guiding, solution-focused frameworks, stress management coaching can help with improving well-being and developing clarity in an ever-changing and complex world.


I specialise in coaching for work-related stress topics, including:


  • Work-life balance/boundaries

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Exercise integration

  • Deadlines and planning 

  • Organisational skills

  • Conflict and relationship challenges


My Approach

I aim to provide you with a confidential, non-judgemental and safe space to reflect and grow in your personal and professional life. My role is not to provide you with rigid answers to apply to your everyday life, but is to facilitate inquisitive and kind self-reflection through a direct, systematic and structured approach.    


Coaching Boundaries

As a member of the British Psychological Society, I work within the highest ethical frameworks to assure you of full confidentiality for anything that is discussed during our sessions together. I can support you to untangle your thoughts around your work ambitions, stressors, and work-life boundary challenges. I am unable to support you with any moderate to severe mental health symptoms or conditions. Coaching should not be confused with counselling or therapy, and, therefore, if I feel that you would benefit from either of these alternative approaches, I will recommend you to the appropriate healthcare professional body, as necessary.   



Your coaching journey will be most effective by coming to sessions open-minded and ready to participate. Ahead of our sessions and to get the most out of them, I would encourage you to think of the overall topic(s) you would like to discuss and any goals that you think we could achieve during and between our sessions and in what timeframes. As a coach, I will provide you with the frameworks, tools and techniques to keep us on track, on time and focused.  


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