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People say that it’s good to talk, but it can be challenging and even scary to open ourselves up to admitting vulnerability at the start of our careers, where it can feel like survival of the fittest from day one.

Without organisational support, the cost of engaging in self-development can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, we are willing to pay memberships for the gym, music streaming, shopping and TV shows - why should our self-development be any different?

I have developed a model that provides a transparent outline of what you can tangibly expect to receive from the investment in yourself. This accounts for leeway to tap-in to my support as needed to account for the natural peaks and troughs that can occur when navigating stress at work.

World Peace


x2 - Safe Space coaching sessions 
(50 minutes

x1 - Whatsapp/Email question
(24-hour max. reply)

x2 - Post-session summary notes 

x2 - Post-session follow-up materials
(x1 reading/exercise)
Please contact me at 07766465745 to arrange your complementary 15-minute conversation to discuss your needs, goals and desires.
All coaching sessions are completely confidential and are carried out via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams video conferencing software.  

Payment due prior to session. 48-hours notice required for full refund.
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Assess & Plan
Brain Sketch

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x1 - Safe Space coaching session
(50 minutes)

x1 - Post-session summary notes 

x1 - Post-session follow-up material
(x1 reading/exercise)

Stress Assessment

Stress Profile Development

Stress Management Plan

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